dental-implants-grapevineAnterior implants are dental implants that replace missing teeth in the front of the mouth.

When it is necessary to replace a missing front tooth, dental implants are an elite restorative solution. When you smile, your front teeth are the stars of the show, and every detail matters. Keeping this in mind, we can achieve tremendous levels of success when we replace missing front teeth with dental implants.

A Complete Restorative Solution

Replacing a missing front tooth begins with the establishment of a strong foundation. Without disrupting the health of the gums or the remaining teeth, a titanium dental implant post can be surgically inserted into the bone that once held your natural tooth.

Careful attention will be paid to the shape and the appearance of the gum tissue that surrounds the post of the implant. The health of the gum tissue is important to the overall healing process but it also has a strong impact on the final appearance of your smile.

It may be necessary to allow the implant post and the surrounding bone to become fully integrated before completing your treatment. You may be fitted with a temporary crown or a removable flipper during the healing period (approximately 2-3 months).

Once the permanent and secure foundation has been established, the implant post will be finished with a custom-designed dental crown. Porcelain is generally the material of choice due to its striking similarities to natural enamel. The shade and translucency of the porcelain will be customized to mimic the appearance of the neighboring teeth.

Hardworking and Gorgeous

A dental implant can replace your entire missing tooth, both above and below the gumline, and the result is a new tooth that is attractive but also incredibly strong. A dental implant is a permanent part of your smile and it is designed to perform the same functions as a natural tooth.

Go Ahead and Smile!

Your smile looks best when the teeth and gums are in perfect harmony. In front of the mouth, a dental implant is conservative, attractive, strong, and long-lasting. If you are ready to smile with renewed confidence, contact us today to learn more about anterior dental implants.