Nitrous Oxide for Oral Surgery

Fear of the dentist is a common attitude in patients of all ages, but Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery is ready to change your perspective when you come to our office in IrvingBecause dental surgery is so important to protecting and restoring your teeth and jaw, we do everything we can to make you feel confident about visiting our office for dental care, from explaining your procedure to offering safe sedation methods. 

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide commonly goes by one of its other names like laughing gas or happy gas. The colorless, odorless mix of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) is safe to breathe and won’t make you fall asleep. Instead, you’ll feel a bit groggy. Almost anyone who experiences anxiety or fear before a dental treatment is a good candidate for the calming effects of nitrous oxide. 

How does nitrous oxide work?

This safe, commonly used gas is administered via a mask placed over your nose. Nitrous oxide creates feelings of warmth and safety, helping you relax! The gas is absorbed by the body to produce a calming sensation. The effects of nitrous oxide diminish quickly following removal of the mask. You’ll also receive local anesthetic after you begin breathing the nitrous oxide and before your procedure begins. Depending on the procedure you have performed, you may be able to drive and resume normal activities following your visit utilizing nitrous oxide. 

Using nitrous oxide in our dental office

When you arrive for an exam at Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgerywe’ll explore and explain your overall tooth and gum health, including any potential issues that require further treatment. You’ll be able to understand any procedures we recommend fully, so the next steps are always your choice. If you do decide to pursue dental care in our office, making you calm and comfortable can include offering nitrous oxide, IV Sedation, or Local Anesthesia for a painless and safe experience. 

A safe form of sedation

Healthy patients of all ages, including children, can use nitrous oxide safely during dental care because the amount of gas can be adjusted throughout your treatment for a calming dose that still leaves you awake and breathing easily. Besides the sleepy feeling while the nitrous oxide wears off, there are no serious side effects with this form of sedation, and you’ll probably have very little memory of the actual dental procedure.  

To make sure that any form of sedation is safe to use in conjunction with your dental treatment, our office staff ask for and review your health and medical records prior to treatment. For your safety, please take your time to complete this information as seriously and accurately as possibleOur staff will provide you with special care instructions before starting the laughing gas to ensure you remember them after your treatment. 

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