Choosing IV Sedation for Your Dental Procedure

If the thought of scheduling an appointment at the dentist makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable, you’re far from alone. Many adults not only fear dental procedures but also go so far as to avoid receiving the important dental care they need for a healthy future. At Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery, we fully understand you may be nervous to visit us, so we do everything we can to create a welcoming and relaxing experience with our office environment, friendly staff, and advanced medication and sedation options. 

How IV sedation works

IV sedation, also known as conscious sedation, can give you the peace of mind you need to face your oral or facial surgery procedures with confidence. You’ll receive sedating medication delivered directly into your bloodstream via an intravenous drip. As you enter a twilight sleep, you’ll experience feelings of intense calm and relaxation. You can still respond to questions during your procedure, but you likely won’t remember anything about your procedure after you emerge from sedation. If you would like to learn more, read an eBooklet about the Administration of Anesthesia. 

What to expect during and after a procedure using IV sedation

We’ll monitor you throughout your IV sedation procedure, much the same way patients are monitored in a hospital setting. In addition to sedating medications, your doctor will administer medications through the IV to reduce swelling and prevent nausea. We’ll also administer local anesthetic to keep the surgical area numb following your procedure. 

You won’t be able to drive after your procedure with IV sedation, so please have a friend or family member accompany you to your appointment and remain in our waiting room to take you home. Following your procedure, you’ll recover in our surgical recovery area, where we will continue to monitor you. As your ally, we’ll make sure each step of the process is safe, comfortable, and as easy as possible. 

Expect to recover at home for at least 24 hours immediately following your procedure with IV sedation. Our team will provide you with instructions regarding the types of activities from which to refrain, as well as what to expect during your recovery period. 

Other types of sedation

IV sedation is just one option you have at Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery to manage your comfort, so if it doesn’t feel right for you, then ask us about other methods of making your dental visit a positive experience. When patients think of surgery and someone who is unconscious, they’re thinking of general anesthesia. For patients who want to remain awake during their visit and minimize the time needed for the sedation to wear off, Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery also offers Nitrous Oxide to help you stay awake but feel relaxed and sleepy. Local Anesthesia is another option that leaves you alert and only numbs a small part of your mouth. You’ll be able to leave our office alert and go back to your regular routine. 

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