Correcting Facial Trauma Injuries

An injury to the face can be a very emotional experience with both physical and psychological repercussions. If you experience facial or oral trauma, rest assured that the surgeons at North Texas Facial & Oral Surgery can address your situation with kindness and compassion as your partner in developing a custom reconstructive solution that remedies the damage as effectively and completely as possible. 

How an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help you recover

Car accidents, falls, sports injuries, and work-related accidents can result in a variety of injuries to the bone and/or soft tissues. Because of your unique, complex, and delicate facial anatomy, an injury to any part of your face can have a significant impact on seemingly unrelated parts of your face as well as your overall appearance. Restoring your cosmetic appearance requires highly trained knowledge of facial anatomy to determine the right areas to support. A jaw injury can change the shape of your cheek, lips, and more, but the surgeons at Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery have received advanced training and possess specialized knowledge to treat trauma and restore optimal aesthetics and function. Your appearance is an important part of your self-image. We’ll help restore your self-esteem through clinically excellent care focused on your specific needs. 

Types of traumatic injuries we treat

Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery addresses facial injuries to both the soft tissue and the bone, including facial lacerations, intraoral lacerations, knocked out and missing teeth, fractured upper and/or lower jaws, and fractured facial bones such as the cheek, nose, and eye socket. 

Our treatment will change based on the severity and location of the fractures and may involve wiring the jaw or using small plates and screws to provide the support your intact bone normally would. If you lose or damage your teeth in the accident, our team can restore your smile with a variety of false replacement teeth. Some of the most popular options for restorative dental care (for injuries or disease alike) are Dental Implants. You can learn more about permanent implants on our website or call our office to schedule a complete restorative consultation and exam today. 

Preventive care

If you’re an active sportsman or woman, you can take basic safety steps to avoid unnecessary impact. Wearing a mouthguard is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure you or your child has the teeth and jaw support needed in case of a fall or collision. In the event of an accident that requires an emergency room visit right away, remember that you can ask for a consultation in the emergency services room with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) from Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery or the doctor of your choice. Involving a dental specialist from the very beginning of your medical treatment will help ensure the best possible results. 

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