implant supported dentures grapevine txWhen there are no teeth left in the upper or lower jaw, dentures are the logical solution for completely replacing the missing teeth. By design, conventional dentures are not as stable or as comfortable as the natural teeth, presenting an annoying inconvenience during normal activities like speaking and eating. However, when dentures are supported by dental implants, it is possible to significantly enhance the quality of your life with dentures.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

Dentures that rest upon a foundation of dental implants rather than resting on the gums are known as implant supported dentures. A denture can be made to snap onto individual implants or a small metal bar that hovers just above the gums. Above the gums, the denture features natural-looking teeth and realistically-colored gums. Beneath the gums, the dental implants extend deep into the jawbone for incredible stability and security.

When necessary, the denture can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, and then snapped back into place for all-day wear.

The dental implant foundation becomes the only necessary anchor for your denture, and will completely eliminate the need for additional denture adhesives. With the dentures firmly attached to the implant foundation, you will regain the freedom to enjoy the foods of your choice—no matter the texture! Implant supported dentures can also make a significant difference in the clarity of your speech. Imagine the confidence that you’ll gain from speaking publicly without dentures that slip or click with each syllable!

A Second Chance at an Incredible Smile

If the following conditions have left you feeling as though your best years are behind you, then implant supported dentures can give you a second chance at an incredible smile:

  • Complete upper or lower tooth loss
  • Unsatisfying or poorly fitting conventional dentures
  • Significant bone loss in the jaw after years without natural teeth
  • Severe periodontal disease or severe deterioration of the remaining natural teeth

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