3D Cone Beam CT

Producing three-dimensional images, cone beam scans offer our team a thorough look at the entire oral and maxillofacial region from any angle. The diagnostic images produced by this technology allow us to evaluate the health of teeth, face, and bones. Receiving a 3D cone beam scan is a short, painless process for our patients. Our guests will simply sit in a comfortable seat while the scanning system pans around the head and neck for about ten seconds.


I-CAT is the brand name of a 3D imaging system and numerous software technologies that allow our team to produce vivid imaging, make accurate diagnoses, and plan treatment. The software that accompanies I-CAT is one of a kind. Our surgeons can measure bone mass for the placement of dental implants as well as evaluate the health of the sinus walls and the nerve canals.

3D Cone Beam CT
iCAT 3D Imaging
Intraoral Scanner


iTero is an intra-oral scanner. This handheld device helps our team produce accurate 3D images of the teeth and one’s occlusion. The images produced by iTero allow our surgeons to plan precise treatment for extracting teeth and placing implants. iTero scans are used as impressions so that dental technicians in laboratories have accurate specifications to work with when it comes to custom prosthetics and implants.

Computer Guided Dental Implants

Using 3D imaging and state of the art software, our surgeons use computers to simulate and guide implant placement. Software for planning treatment paired with detailed 3D images, allows our team to provide very precise treatment tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Computer guided dental implants placement also reduces treatment times in many cases.

CO2 Laser

A CO2 laser is used for soft tissues in the mouth such as the gums. This laser emits infrared light and can be used to remove unwanted or diseased soft tissue without the need for stitches. A CO2 laser can replace the need for a scalpel in some instances. This technology is also useful for oral pathology (when tissue needs to be collected for biopsy).


NOMAD is a portable radiography system that produces accurate X-rays with lower radiation exposure than conventional X-ray systems. When simply holding the handheld device, NOMAD produces clear X-ray imaging of the oral cavity and face. This device is helpful in operatory settings where real-time imaging is needed during oral surgery procedures and treatment.

Nomad Dental X-Rays

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