General Anesthesia Methods in Texas

General anesthesia involves the use of sedating medications that bring a temporary loss of consciousness and eliminate all feelings of pain and anxiety, allowing you to rest in a state of deep relaxation in which you are unaware of the surgical procedures being performed. Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery understands that you may be uneasy about receiving any type of anesthesia, so we have provided an explanation below on what to expect from your procedure to keep you as informed as possible.

What should you expect?

Our team will consult you before your procedure and let you know what to expect prior to your surgery while addressing any concerns or questions you may have; then we’ll closely monitor you during your procedure. As our patient, you can expect an extraordinary level of service and care before, during, and after your procedure that will ensure positive results and a speedy recovery while making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Our doctors at NTFOS have undergone formal anesthesia training in a hospital setting. They have the experience and knowledge to administer general anesthesia in our surgical suite and deliver an outstanding level of care, along with safe, reliable results.

You will receive instructions prior to your procedure to not eat anything after midnight the day before your operation, for your safety. You may be able to drink clear liquids or certain medications prior to your procedure, depending on what your anesthesiologist recommends.

Before your procedure, you may be given a milder sedative, based on your needs and what your anesthesiologist recommends. The anesthesia itself may be administered through an intravenous tube (IV) or inhaled, based on your needs. Before the drugs are administered, you will undergo a pre-surgery assessment to determine the quantity and combination of drugs to provide. Once administered, an anesthesiologist will be monitoring your vital signs and breathing throughout the procedure.

How long does general anesthesia last

After your procedure, it may take about 45 minutes to a full hour in most cases to recover from anesthesia. During this period, you may feel slightly groggy and confused, perhaps falling in and out of sleep.

With our advanced monitoring technology and a variety of medications, our highly trained professionals will ensure a safe and comfortable procedure.

With our team monitoring every step of your surgery, you will rest comfortably during your procedure and emerge gradually from the effects of general anesthesia. After your procedure, a friend or family member will need to drive you home, as you won’t be able to operate a vehicle or other machinery for approximately 24 hours following your procedure performed with general anesthesia.

Remember, general anesthesia is just one option of sedation that your oral surgeon may recommend for your procedure. We at NTFOS will consult you for the best available option for your individual needs.

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