full mouth restoration grapevine txProviding full mouth restoration services, Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery operates from three convenient locations in Grapevine, Keller, and Irving. In addition to replacing missing teeth with permanent, durable implants, full mouth restoration involves a combination of procedures that restore oral function and oral health along with improving a patient’s appearance.

Preparation for Full Mouth Restoration

When patients require a full mouth restoration, they often need preparatory treatments such as the removal of old dental work like bridges and the extraction of damaged or decayed teeth. Our oral surgeons provide these services with care and precision. Using a gentle touch and the least invasive methods possible, our team will ensure that patients receive the most compassionate and thorough care possible.

Bone and Tissue Grafts

In the past, patients with significant bone atrophy were unable to receive implants because they lacked the bone mass necessary to support dental implants. This left some patients with limited options for replacing missing teeth. Today, however, bone grafting makes receiving implants a possibility for patients with bone loss. Bone grafting involves taking excess bone from another area of the body such as the hip and surgically placing it in the jaw to promote new bone growth and regeneration. Grafting is also used for soft tissues—especially the gums—to help improve a patient’s overall appearance and state of oral health.

Teeth for an Active Life Renews Smiles

Using a series of strategically embedded dental implants, our oral surgeons can permanently anchor dentures to the jawbone. Unlike traditional prosthetic teeth, which rest on top of the gums, implant supported dentures provide strength and stability because they are attached to biocompatible titanium posts that are implanted into the jaw. Since the jawbone will naturally fuse to the titanium implants, patients enjoy a stable biting surface for eating a variety of foods without fear of their dentures slipping and sliding through their mouths. An additional benefit to anchoring prosthetic teeth to implants is that implants help prevent bone atrophy and preserve the natural shape of the mouth, which also promotes a youthful appearance.

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